Possibility Place Christian Mission

Possibility Place Christian Mission (PPCM) was formed in 2010 through a cooperative effort of Possibility Place Christian Ministries Fellowship Church in Hawaii and a group of supporters in Phoenix, Arizona. The mission itself seeks to minister to the lost, poor and needy through the proclamation of the Gospel to the lost, food for the malnourished babies, children and elderly, and help to the disabled, those in prison and the sick and dying.

PPCM is a faith based mission.  This means that we are dependent upon God for His leading and support to meet the needs of the people in Africa where the missionaries are working.  For those who are led to help, whether by prayer, financial aid, providing goods or services as the Lord leads, it is important to know that 100% of all gifts received go to help the people in Africa.

Possibility Place Christian Mission is a 501(c)3 corporation with the federal government and registered non-profit corporation in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  100% of every dollar contributed to this mission goes to the work in the field.  No donated funds are allocated for personnel who administrate and manage the mission.

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