The Master’s Plans

What is our mission and why do we do it?  

The vision of Possibility Place Christian Mission includes: Proclaiming the gospel to people lost in spiritual darkness, making disciples as Jesus commanded, equipping the saints for the work of ministry, meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people…caring for the weak, the children, the widows, the elderly, the poor, the handicapped and so many more as God leads and provides.

We do this because it is the Master’s plan and outlined for us in the scriptures (See Matthew 25:31-40)


And it is being accomplished.


What has happened and where are we now? The mission has been working in Tanzania for over ten years. In that time many have come to the Lord.  A church was begun in the mountains outside of the City of Arusha. The first meeting was under banana trees with just a handful of people. But the congregation grew despite persecution and threats. The purpose was both to establish a church and a mission station from which outreach could be accomplished to the surrounding villages near and far.

Among the needs we found a high number of handicapped and disabled children and adults, some of which had never been able to venture out of their homes their entire life.  We were able, with the help of Joni and Friends, to supply 200 wheelchairs to these needy people both in and nearby the mountain communities.

2019-2020 focuses on three areas of need beyond the normal mission and evangelistic work.  Perhaps the Lord would lead you to help in one of these areas.

First, malnourished babies, children and their mothers.  There is no ministry in this area to help these people but we have developed a plan to meet these desperate needs.  Our missionary said, “I never want to bury another child who has died of malnutrition.”
PPCM-Possibility place christian miissionPPCM-Possibility place christian miission-foodfood-PPCM-Possibility place christian miission

Second, many people including Muslims have come to Christ but there is a great need for Bibles in Swahili. These are $10.00 each and can be distributed by missionary helpers to school children, people in the hospital including prisoners in the prison ward and young people in the juvenile detention center.  Would you consider helping here?

PPCM-Possibility place christian miission-bibles

Third, many elderly people and widows live on very little food and starvation waits at the door of far too many.

PPCM-Possibility place christian miissionfood-PPCM-Possibility place christian miission
We are asking you to open your heart to these needs.
Please pray about these and as the Lord leads please contribute to this ministry.

Jesus Film-PPCM-Possibility place christian miission-water- well-ministry-worshipchildren-Juesu Film--PPCM-Possibility place christian miission-worship

We have had the opportunity to show the “Jesus Video”, a powerful and effective tool in presenting Christ to many both in the local public (and often Muslim) schools, in surrounding villages and the bush country.   Along with a message and invitation, many have come to the Lord even from among the Muslims.

From Banana trees to a functioning church building, the congregation has grown and become a light to the territory.

In 2015, due to a frequent water shortage in the region – and tribes literally fighting over even contaminated water in times of draught, a Christian ministry called “Maji Hopel” committed to dig a water well with no cost to the church or the mission.  So the mission, with the help of “Maji Hope” dug and installed a free flowing fresh water well that supplies the local community and now a nearby public school with fresh water.

water-m02-PPCM-Possibility place christian miissionPPCM-Possibility place christian miissionPPCM-Possibility place christian miission

Please continue to keep this work in your prayers.
We are so grateful for the prayers and support of this vital work.